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Hey guys thanks for your support. Before learning what is digital marketing I would like to tell you about what is traditional marketing? So Traditional marketing means to do marketing of any product, brands or services via traditional way like distributing pamphlets, giving advertise on newspaper, flex printing etc. But did you ever think that all these traditional ways are worthy or not? Obviously, your answer is no if you are thinking in a digital way. Spending money on traditional marketing is a risk factor. Because you will never know how many leads you generate by spending on publishing ads in pamphlets, newspaper or in flex printing. And if anything wrong happens by mistakenly then you cant change the printed ads.

Let’s Learn Digital Marketing Together

In this digital world, every StartUp company, small-scale or MNC company wants to go online to increase their revenue. Because they know that their 75% customers/audience comes online. Just like them, you can also grow your business with Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is much better than traditional marketing. It means promoting your business, brands, services online. Doing online marketing means not only doing promotions but also you can target the particular audience. Audience targeting is possible according to your service or product just like- by age, gender, locality, city, profession, qualification and many more.

This facility in digital marketing makes customer targeting easy and 100% useful. Even though you can track your customer online. It shows that how your customer came to your website. Like it shows you a customer came on your website by any one of your Social Media Page or by your blog posting or direct. If anything happens wrong in your ads mistakenly then you can edit your ads anytime and anywhere. But the best fact is you can reach the maximum number of audience and increase your revenue very fast.

What Digital Marketers Do?

We all know that “Digital Marketer cant live offline”. Let’s assume that you have opened the new startup or new shop and started providing services and started selling products. But now you want to grow your business via the online medium. Here the digital marketer can build your website and social media pages. And run the campaign of your social media pages to attract the audience/customers. Run the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and also increase your website rank to place on the top of the search engine results.

Digital Marketing Techniques

There are 4 main techniques for digital marketing are as explained below:-

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):- SEO technique used to increase the rank of your website and place it on the top of the search engine results.
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM):-  SEM technique used to place your website on the top of the search engine result by doing paid promotion. The number of terms like PPC (Pay Per Click) and many more come under this.
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM):- SMM technique used to do paid promotion of your ads on social media platforms. These social media platforms are like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and many more.
  4. Social Media Optimization (SMO):- SMO technique used to post the ads on various social media platforms. This is used to spread awareness of your business or the services you are providing.
  5. E-mail Marketing:- Email Marketing is used to do the silent conversation with your audience. It is also known as the best silent communication tool.
  6. Content Writing:- Content Writing means to write unique content for customers.
  7. Affiliate Marketing:- Affiliate Marketing term tells us that it’s an online marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commision to an external website for the traffic and sales generated from its referrals. As an example, we can say that it’s just like the ads come on the youtube video.

This is all about Digital Marketing. I hope you have enjoyed this blog. Thank you guys thanks for being here and also thanks for your supports on Digitech Blog’s social media pages.

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